Deer-Resistant Native Plants

There are few deer-proof plants.  Many factors influence the extent of feeding by deer; the number of deer in the area, the availability of other food sources, winter weather conditions and plant preferences.  Deer may have different tastes depending on the area, and may eat young plants while leaving older ones alone.  Native plants co-evolved with deer and are often better able to withstand deer browsing, if they are eaten at all.  Protective barriers may be needed when plants are young.

Botanical nameCommon name
Achillea millefoliumyarrow
Anaphalis margaritaceapearly everlasting
Artemisia spp.wormwoods
Asclepias spp.milkweeds
Eriogonum spp.wild buckwheats
Eriophyllum lanatumwooly sunflower
Gaillardia aristatablanketflower
Heterotheca villosagolden aster
Heuchera spp.alumroot, coral bells
Iris spp.iris
Linum lewisiiblue flax
Lupinus spp.lupines
Monardella odoratissimacoyote mint
Penstemon richardsoniicutleaf penstemon
Sedum spp. stonecrop
Sphaeralcea munroanaorange globemallow

Botanical nameCommon name
Arctostaphylos uva-ursikinnikinnick
Artemisia spp.sagebrush
Ericameria  nauseosarabbitbrush
Clematis ligusticifoliaWestern clematis
Cornus stoloniferared osier dogwood
Lonicera ciliosaorange honeysuckle
Mahonia aquifoliumtall mahonia
Mahonia repenscreeping mahonia
Pachistima myrsinitesmountain boxwood
Prunus emarginatabitter cherry
Prunus virginianachokecherry
Potentilla fruticosashrubby cinquefoil
Rhus glabrasmooth sumac
Ribes aureumgolden currant
Ribes cereumwax currant
Ribes sanguineumred-flowering currant
Rosa nutkanaNootka rose
Rosa woodsiiWood’s rose
Salix spp.willows
Salvia dorriipurple sage
Sambucus. ceruleablue elderberry
Spiraea spp.spirea
Symphoricarpus albuscommon snowberry

Botanical nameCommon name
Abies spp.fir
Acer circinatumvine maple
Acer glabrumDouglas maple
Acer macrophyllumbigleaf maple
Betula occidentaliswater birch
Crataegus douglasiiblack hawthorn
Larix spp.larch
Picea spp.spruce
Pseudotsuga menziesiiDouglas fir
Thuja plicataWestern red cedar

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