Click on the species name to see photographs of the plant from various sources, including Turner Photographic’s Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest and the Washington Native Plant Society.

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NamesHeightFlower ColorBloom TimeExposureDrought-TolerantCommentContainer Sizes
Achillea millefolium
12-24″whiteMay-AugustS, PSXLong-blooming, easy perennial, attractive to butterflies and seed-eating birds3″
Agastache rupestris
sunset hyssop
18-30″”pink/orangelate June-SepSXFinely textured foliage, fragrant. Hummingbirds love it. Southwest native.3″
Allium cernuum
nodding onion
15-20″pink (white)May-JuneSXBell-shaped flowers in nodding clusters, grows in expanding clumps3″
Anaphalis margaritacea
pearly everlasting
18-24″whiteJune-AugSXXWhite flower clusters, silvery leaves. Rhizomatous. Butterfly plant.3″
Antennaria microphylla
rosy pussytoes
6-12″pink to roseMay-JuneSXForms wooly gray mats, with clustered flowers borne above.3″
Apocynum androsaemifolium
spreading dogbane
6-16″pinkMay-JulyS, PSHXSpreading plant with long bloom time, masses of fragrant pink flowers, very butterfly attractive3″
Aquilegia formosa
red columbine
24-30″red/yellowMay-JulyPSHBi-colored flowers: sepals red, petals yellow. Prefers moist places.3″
Aruncus dioicus
36-60″whiteMay-JuneSH, PSHTall perennial with attractive foliage and long white flower clusters, found in shady moist forests3″
Asclepias fascicularis
narrow-leaf milkweed
12-30″white/pinkish-purpleJune-AugSXA more restrained milkweed, long bloom time, great for butterflies3″
Asclepias incarnata
swamp milkweed
48-60″pink & purpleJune-AugSTall, clump-forming milkweed from moist sites. Recently found in Okanogan Co.3″, #1
Asclepias speciosa
showy milkweed
24-48″pink & purple-redJune-AugSXUnusual large, fragrant flower clusters; great for butterflies. Forms large clumps.3″
Asclepias tuberosa
orange butterflyweed
16-24″orangeJune-AugSXLovely orange flowers, very attractive to butterflies; CO seed source3″
Balsamorhiza sagittata
arrowleaf balsamroot
12-24″yellowAprilSXShowy sunflower, gray-green foliage; Central-WA icon.3″
Chamaenerion angustifolium
36-72″rose-purpleJune-AugS, PSHTall, spreading plant with long inflorescence, extended bloom time3″
Erigeron filifolius
threadleaf daisy
10-18″pink to lavender, yellow centerMay-JuneSXClumping fleabane with attractive gray-green foliage. shrub-steppe to forest3″
Erigeron linearis
line-leaved daisy
6-10″yellowApr-MaySXXCharming mounds in shrub-steppe covered with bright yellow daisies.3″
Erigeron speciosus
showy daisy
18-24″blue-purpleMay-JuneS, PSHBlue-purple ray flowers surround a golden center, dark green leaves.3″
Eriogonum compositum
heartleaf buckwheat
10-20″lemon yellowMay-JuneSXXLarge, long-lasting flower clusters of yellow (this selection), arrow-shaped leaves3″
Eriogonum heracleoides
creamy buckwheat
12-18″creamy whiteMay-JuneSXXCompact clusters of flowers in compound umbel, flowers change pink to cream3″
Eriogonum niveum
snow buckwheat
12-18″pink-whiteJuly-SeptSXXLate season bloomer, great for pollinators; grayish leaves, very drought-tolerant.3″
Eriogonum strictum
strict buckwheat
10-15″ high, 18″+ spreadlight yellowJune-JulySXXGray foliage, pale yellow flowers, attractive mound, NCW form3″
Eriogonum umbellatum
sulfur buckwheat
12-15″lemon yellowMay-JuneSXBright yellow, persistent flowers atop mound of foliage, leaves turn reddish in fall/winter3″
Eriophyllum lanatum
woolly sunflower
9-12″yellow & orangeMay-JuneSXXTwo-tone flower; attractive grayish, divided foliage.3″
Eutrochium maculatum
Joe-Pye weed
5-7′ tall, 3-4′ widepink-purpleJuly-SeptemberS, PSHStriking tall plant in the Aster family, large flower clusters from mid-summer to fall. Native to Midwest and E USA. Butterfly magnet3″. #1
Fragaria virginiana
blueleaf strawberry
4″ high, spread to 24″+white, yellow centerMay-JuneS, PSHAttractive ground cover with very tasty (but small) fruit; parent of most cultivated strawberries3″
Gaillardia aristata
18-24″yellowJune-SeptSXLarge (2-3″) yellow daisy flowers w/ orange-brown center, on long stems.3″
Hetherotheca villosa
hairy goldenaster
10-20″bright yellowMay-SeptemberSXXLong-blooming perennial aster relative adapted to dry, exposed sites3″
Heuchera cylindrica
roundleaf alumroot
8-18″creamMayS, PSHXFlowers borne on slender stems from basal rosette of round leaves.3″
Iliamna rivularis
mountain hollyhock
30-60″pinkJune-AugS, PSHTall bush, large maple-like leaves, hollyhock flowers, needs moist spot3″
Iris missouriensis
Western blue iris
12-24″blue w/whiteMaySErect plant growing in clusters, found in moist areas.3″
Lewisia columbiana
Columbia lewisia
8-12″pinkApr-MaySXXSpray of small flowers above fleshy basal leaves; can take heat, drought; adaptable3″
Lewisia cotyledon
Siskyou lewisia
6-10″pink or orange, with white stripesMayS, PSHXNative to So. Oregon; fleshy leaves in basal rosette, 1″ flowers in colorful clusters3″
Lewisiopsis tweedyi
Tweedy’s lewisia
8-12″apricot-pink, variableApr-MayPSHXVery choice; shiny green leaves, endemic of Wenatchee Mtns.3″
Linum lewisii
blue flax
12-18″blueMay-AugSXDelicate sky-blue flowers atop slender stems3″
Lupinus polyphyllus
bigleaf lupine
36-48″blueMaySLarge lupine, thrives in moist areas; flower clusters up to 18″ long3″
Monardella odoratissima
coyote mint
8-12″ pink-purpleJuneSXXFragrant and mounding, butterfly plant, best in hot, dry spots3″
Oenothera cespitosa
tufted evening primrose
6-10″white, fading to pinkLate May-JuneSXXStriking fragrant white flowers; a plant for rocky, dry spots3″
Oenothera macrocarpa
Missouri evening primrose
10″ high; 24″ wideyellowJune-AugSXStunning flowers 4″ across; plant will spread & cascade. Midwest native.3″
Oenothera pallida
pale evening primrose
12-24″white, fading to pinkJune-JulySXXSpreading perennial with long bloom period, for dry sites3″
Oenothera serrulata
6-10″yellowMay-JuneSXXCheery yellow fls, long bloom period. Mounding form. From dry prairies in Midwest3″
Penstemon barrettiae
Barrett’s penstemon
9-15″rose to deep pinkMayS, PSHXDense evergreen with blue-green foliage, gorgeous flowers. From Columbia River Gorge3″
Penstemon davidsonii
Davidson’s penstemon
2-5″blue-lavender to violet-purpleMayS. PSHXEvergreen, spreading mat with small leathery leaves, from high in the mountains. Like other NW evergreen penstemons, does well with afternoon shade3″
Penstemon eatonii
firecracker penstemon
24-36″scarlet redMay-JuneSXStriking red flowers; native to southern Rockies3″
Penstemon fruticosus
shrubby penstemon
12″ tall; 24″ widelavender to violetApr-MayS, PSHXEvergreen with dark green foliage, abundant flowers; woody spreading shrub3″
Penstemon newberryi
Newberry’s penstemon
8″ tall, 24″ widered-pinkMay-JuneS, PSHXEvergreen penstemon from high elevation in N Calif mountains, striking flowers3″
Penstemon pruinosus
Chelan penstemon
6-14″deep blue to lavenderMay-JuneSXXDense flower clusters above compact plants, from dry, exposed sites3″
Penstemon richardsonii
cut leaved penstemon
12-18″ tall; 30″ widemagenta redJuly-AugSXXSpreading plant, reddish stems, lovely flowers, blooms all summer3″
Penstemon strictus
Rocky Mtn. penstemon
24″ tall; 36″ wideblue-purpleMay-JuneSXForms large clumps, very adaptable; Rocky Mountain native.3″
Penstemon venustus
Venus penstemon
18-24″violet-purpleJuneSXDark green leaves with large flowers, lovely in and out of bloom.3″
Phacelia hastata
silverleaf phacelia
8-20″dull whiteMay-JulySXXAdaptable, widespread and great bee magnet. Foliage covered with fine hairs, flowers in dense, coiled clusters, extended bloom time3″
Rudbeckia alpicola
Wenatchee Mountain coneflower
24-36″chocolate brown cone June-JulyS, PSHDistinctive brown cones framed by green sepals, attractive to bees and seed eaters. Found in the Wenatchee Mountains3″
Solidago lepida
western goldenrod
24-48″yellowJuly-OctoberSXClump forming perennial with long and late bloom season, choice for pollinators3″
Sphaeralcea munroana
orange globemallow
18-30″orangeJune-AugustSXXUncommon orange flowers, blooms repeatedly; gray-green foliage.3″
Symphyotrichum foliaceum
leafybract aster
16-24″violet/purpleAugust-SeptemberS, PSHLate blooming aster from meadows and forest clearings3″

 S=Sun, PSH=Partial Shade, SH=Shade

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