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NamesHeightExposureDrought TolerantCommentContainer Sizes
Acer circinatum
vine maple
10-25′PSHSingle trunk or multi-branched tree, good for shaded spots, moist soil. Great fall color: yellow, orange and red. Peshastin seed source. 40ci, #1, #2
Acer glabrum ssp. douglasii
Douglas maple
10-25′S, PSHXPrefers partial shade. A more drought-tolerant maple. Fall color yellow to crimson; red twigs, bright green spring lvs40ci, #1, #2
Acer macrophyllum
bigleaf maple
40-50′S, PSHLarge, spreading tree, with v. broad leaves. Yellow fall color. Seed source Peshastin, adapted to region’s climate 40ci, #1, #2, #5
Alnus incana
mountain alder
20-35′S, PSHSmall tree found in drainages and in moist areas. Fast-growing, nitrogen fixer. Attractive light-colored bark.40ci, #1, #2, #5
Alnus viridis ssp. sinuata
Sitka alder
8-18′S, PSHShrubby, small tree, thicket-forming, found on moist slopes in the mountains 40ci, #1, #2
Betula occidentalis
water birch
20-30′S, PSHGraceful tree with drooping branches and coppery-brown bark. Yellow fall color. Found in moist sites, along streams.40ci, #1, #2, #5
Betula papyrifera
paper birch
40-60′S, PSHTall deciduous tree with distinctive white bark on older specimens, found across northern tier of North America40ci, #1, #2
Crataegus douglasii
Douglas hawthorn
12-20′S, PSHXCompact tree with white flower clusters in spring, small purple-black fruits. 1″ thorns. Wildlife food source.40ci, #1, #2, #5
Juniperus scopulorum
Rocky Mountain juniper
10-25′SXXSlow growing bushy small tree, quite drought tolerant. Gray-green leaves, blue berry-like cones#1, #2, #5, Treepot
Larix occidentalis
Western larch
100-150’+S, PSHDeciduous conifer, with straight, tapering trunk. Soft light green needles turn golden yellow in fall.40ci, #1, #2, #5, Treepot
Picea engelmannii
Engelmann spruce
50-150′S, PSHFound in eastern Cascades forest, needles 0.5-1″ long, usually bluish-green, sharp pointed40ci, Treepot
Pinus contorta var. latifolia
lodgepole pine
40-120′SXTwo-needle pine from cold, dry sites in the mountains; can form dense stands40ci, Treepot
Pinus ponderosa
Ponderosa Pine
90-150′SXWidespread conifer of Inland Northwest. Long needles in groups of three, distinctive red bark on mature trees.40ci, #2, #5, Treepot, Treepot2
Populus tremuloides
quaking aspen
25-50′SStraight-trunked tree found in groves. White-barked, heart-shaped leaves “quake” in breeze, golden fall color. 40ci, #1, #2, #5
Populus trichocarpa
black cottonwood
90-120′SLarge, fast-growing tree. Large green leaves, silvery below, yellow in fall. Habitat is moist soils, flood plains.40ci, #1, #2, #5
Pseudotsuga menziesii v. glauca
Douglas fir
80-120′S, PSHXLarge tree often found in association with Ponderosa pine east of Cascades. Interior var. more drought-tolerant. 40ci, #2, #5, Treepot, Treepot2
Quercus garryana
Garry oak
35-50′SXOnly WA oak. Deciduous, slow top growth in early years. From Kittitas Co. seed source 40ci, Treepot, Treepot2
Thuja plicata
Western red cedar
80-120′S, PSHLarge conifer of the mountains, moister habitats. Dark green scale like leaves; reddish, fibrous bark40ci, #2, Treepot, #5, #10

 S=Sun, PSH=Partial Shade, SH=Shade

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