Bulk seed of the following species is available; please call for prices.  Minimum grass seed order is $15.00.


Achnatherum hymenoidesIndian ricegrass
Bromus marginatusmountain brome
Deschampsia cespitosatufted hairgrass
Elymus elymoidesbottlebrush squirreltail
Elymus glaucusblue wildrye
Elymus lanceolatus ssp. lanceolatusthickspike wheatgrass
Elymus trachycaulusslender wheatgrass
Festuca idahoensisIdaho fescue (2 selections)
Festuca ovina durisculahard fescue
Festuca rubrared fescue
Koeleria macranthaprairie Junegrass
Leymus cinereusGreat Basin wildrye
Pseudoregneria spicatabluebunch wheatgrass (2 selections)
Poa secundaSandberg bluegrass (2 selections)
Sporobolus cryptandrussand dropseed


Native Grass Seed Blends

For different precipitation zones and a low water turfgrass alternative
Custom blends also available; please inquire.

<12 in. precipitation                    $18.50/lb.

Speciesby weight
Bluebunch wheatgrass44%
Thickspike wheatgrass20%
Sandberg bluegrass16%
Indian ricegrass12%
Bottlebrush squirreltail5%
Sand dropseed3%

12-22 in. precipitation                 $17.00/lb.

Speciesby weight
Bluebunch wheatgrass38%
Idaho fescue18%
Thickspike wheatgrass16%
Blue wildrye12%
Sandberg bluegrass8%

>22 in. precipitation                 $17.00/lb.

Speciesby weight
Bluebunch wheatgrass34%
Slender wheatgrass16%
Idaho fescue16%
Blue wildrye14%
Mountain brome12%


Naturalized Turf Blend                 $15.00/lb.

Speciesby weight
Hard fescue40%
Red fescue24%
Idaho fescue12%
Tufted hairgrass12%


  1. Rich Lynn

    What water required for NTB mix?

    1. Mel Asher

      It depends on where you seed it. In the upper valley, little or no irrigation is needed during the spring and fall. But it will go dormant during the summer without regular (bi-weekly) irrigation.

  2. Mary Kayser

    Is there a mix that will grow well in very sandy soil? We would like something that doesn’t get too high and won’t require mowing (unless we choose to). Thank you!

    1. Mel Asher

      The best mix will depend on the amount of natural precipitation you get, along with how much you want to water. At lower elevations in Wenatchee and the Basin, the less than 12″ Precip mix will do great, and has several species adapted to sandy soils, including Indian ricegrass, sand dropseed, and thickspike wheatgrass. This mix will get around knee height tall and would not need to be mowed.

  3. Katherine Turner

    I live in Leavenworth and my plot has very clay rich soil – can you suggest a good blend for over seeding my currently sparse lawn.

    1. Mel Asher

      If you want the area to resemble a lawn, and be irrigated and mowed, the Naturalized Turf Blend is the best mix for you. Irrigation needs once established would be once a week.

  4. Deborah Hawes

    Hello Mel ! How often does the Naturalized Turf Blend need to be watered and mowed? We arein Chelan about 700′ above the lake on the Butte.

    1. Mel Asher

      Probably once a week during the heat of the summer, roughly. Depends on the soil type though. Mowing is completely optional!

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