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Updated December 2017

Native Plant Identification


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Native Plant Gardening and Landscaping

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Native Plant and Landscaping Links

WTU Image Collection: Plants of Washington – a thorough collection of photos of Washington plants

Native Plant Network – access to Native Plants Journal and the Propagation Protocol database  //

Washington Native Plant Society. Many good links, including to state chapters.

Native Plants of Eastern Washington – landscaping guide produced by Columbia Basin chapter of the WA Native Plant Society   //

Native and Drought-Tolerant Plants from WSU Cooperative Extension, Spokane County; relevant info for Eastern Washington  //

PlantNative – extensive info on native plants, naturescaping, and native plant nurseries in the NW, from Portland, OR

Plants for Birds – Find bird-friendly native plants for your area with the Audubon Society’s database

The Art and Science of Revegetation – integrated approach to establishing native plants in extensive restoration projects //

Native Plant Production, University of Washington – propagating and growing Washington natives, with W. WA emphasis

ITIS – Integrated Taxonomic Identification System – the reference for correct scientific names of native plants, joint site for the agencies of the US, Mexican and Canadian federal governments  //


Native Plants Journal, Indiana University Press, 601 N. Morton St., Bloomington, IN 47404 (800)842-6796 //
In-depth information on growing and planting native plants throughout the US; attractive and professional. Published three times per year.