Containers & Pricing

The sizes of containers available are listed after each species on their respective pages under Plants.  The 10ci plugs are Ray Leach “cone-tainers” and the 40ci are Stuewe Deepots, all of which allow for deep root development and prevent root spiraling.

We accept payment by cash, check, debit and credit card.

Container TypeSize
10ci10 cubic inch plug
40 ci40 cubic inch plug
3.5"3.5″x3.5″x4″ deep
5.5" APB2.9" x 5.5" deep Anderson Plant Band cross-banded pot
Treepot #14″x4″x14″ deep (ca. 0.8 gallons)
#1nominal 1 gallon pot
#2nominal 2 gallon pot
Treepot #28″x8″x18″ deep (ca. 2.4 gallons)
#5nominal 5 gallon pot
#10nominal 10 gallon pot

Plant Prices for 2024

Container SizePricing*
10 ci$4
3.5" pot$7
5.5" APB$8
40 ci$9.00
#1 - Grass/Flower$11.00
#1 - Shrub/Tree$14.00
Treepot #1$14.00
#2 - deciduous$24.00
#2 - conifer$26.00
Treepot #2$30.00
#5 deciduous$45.00
#5 conifer$50.00

*Discounts: Purchase total over $100=10%, over $500=15%, over $1000=20%.

*WHOLESALE discount of 40%, valid Re-Seller Permit required. 3% service fee if credit/debit is used for payment.