Containers & Pricing

The sizes of containers available are listed after each species on their respective pages under Plants.  The 4 and 10ci plugs are Ray Leach “cone-tainers” and the 40ci are Stuewe Deepots, all of which allow for deep root development and prevent root spiraling.

We accept payment by cash, check, debit and credit card.

Container TypeSize
4 ci4 cubic inch plug
10ci10 cubic inch plug
40 ci40 cubic inch plug
3.5″3.5″x3.5″x4″ deep
Treepot #14″x4″x14″ deep (ca. 0.8 gallons)
#1nominal 1 gallon pot
#2nominal 2 gallon pot
Treepot #28″x8″x18″ deep (ca. 2.4 gallons)
#5nominal 5 gallon pot
#10nominal 10 gallon pot

Plant Prices for 2023

Container SizePricing*
4 ci$1.75
10 ci$3.75
3.5″ pot$7
Anderson Plant Bands$7.50
40 ci$8.00
#1 – Grass/Flower$11.00
#1 – Shrub/Tree$12.00
Treepot #1$12.00
#2 – deciduous$22.00
#2 – conifer$24.00
Treepot #2$30.00
#5 deciduous$45.00
#5 conifer$50.00

*Discounts: Purchase total over $100=10%, over $500=15%, over $1000=20%.

*WHOLESALE discount of 40%, valid Re-Seller Permit required. 3% service fee if credit/debit is used for payment.