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NamesHeightExposureDrought TolerantCommentContainer Sizes
Amelanchier alnifolia
8-14′S, PSHXMulti-stemmed shrub with white flowers in early spring, blue berries, yellow fall foliage40ci, #1, #2
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi
3’+ wide
S, PSHXGround-hugging evergreen plant. Glossy green leaves, pink flowers, red berries3″, #1
Artemisia tridentata ssp. tridentata
big sagebrush
4-6′SXXMost widespread sagebrush. Beautiful gray-green, fragrant foliage, semi-evergreen.10ci, 40ci, #1
Ceanothus sanguineus
redstem ceanothus
6-9′S, PSHXWhite flowers, scented, reddish stems. Deciduous and nitrogen fixer 10ci, 40ci, #1
Ceanothus velutinus
snowbrush ceanothus
4-7′SXEvergreen shrub with glossy green leaves. White flowers in pyramidal clusters. Nitrogen fixer.10ci, 40ci, #1
Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus
green rabbitbrush
1.5-4′SXXMounding, many stemmed shrub from dry areas of E WA, dense yellow flower masses in late summer-fall 40ci, #1
Clematis ligusticifolia
Western clematis
S, PSHXVigorous, climbing vine with small white flowers in spring, followed by fluffy seed heads 40ci, #1
Cornus stolonifera
red osier dogwood
8-16′S, PSHMulti-stemmed shrub, red bark, white flower clusters, followed by white berries. Fast growing in moist sites. 40ci, #1, #2
Dasiphora fruticosa
shrubby cinquefoil
2-3′S, PSHXBright yellow flowers for several months, velvety leaves 40ci, #1, #2
Ericameria nauseosa
gray rabbitbrush
3′SXXVery drought tolerant, fine grayish foliage, yellow flowers in fall. Late season nectar source for butterflies. 40ci, #1
Frangula purshiana
15-20′S, PSHLarge shrub (in E WA) with attractive form and foliage. Blue-black fruits, bird attractive40ci, #1, #2
Holodiscus discolor
6-8′S, PSHXLoose, creamy flower plumes May-June. Forest shrub, reddish fall foliage.40ci, #1, #2
Lonicera involucrata
3-6′S, PSHDeciduous. Yellow flowers followed by shiny black “twinberries”. Hummingbird plant. From moist areas. 40ci, #1
Mahonia aquifolium
tall Oregon grape
4-6′S, PSHXShiny, evergreen foliage, attractive yellow flower clusters, blue berries40ci, #1, #2
Mahonia nervosa
Cascade Oregon grape
6-18″PSH, SHXShade lover, a low clump with long leaves of many prickly edged leaflets40ci
Mahonia repens
creeping Oregon grape
6-20″PSH, SHXLow-growing evergreen similar to tall Oregon grape, providing year round interest3″, 40ci, #1
Philadelphus lewisii
6-8′S, PSHXShrub with bright green leaves, turns yellow in fall; large, showy fragrant white flowers 40ci, #1, #2
Physocarpus capitatus
Pacific ninebark
6-12′S, PSHMountain forest shrub of moist places, shiny green leaves and white flowers in snowball clusters40ci, #1, #2
Prunus emarginata
bitter cherry
8-15′S, PSHXWhite flowers, pea-sized bright red fruits good for birds, other wildlife. Shrubby interior WA variety 40ci, #1
Prunus virginiana
10-15′S, PSHLarge shrub or small tree; pendant clusters of white flowers, then purple-black cherries. Wildlife food. 40ci, #1, #2, #5
Purshia tridentata
3-6′SXXSemi-evergreen shrub, very drought tolerant. Small yellow flowers in spring, nitrogen fixer10ci, 40ci, #1
Rhus glabra
smooth sumac
6-10′S, PSHXXFast-growing shrub with showy red fruits and brilliant orange-red fall color. Spreads to form clumps. 40ci, #1, #2
Ribes aureum
golden currant
6-8′S, PSHXShowy yellow flowers in spring, followed by bright green leaves, yellow, red or black berries. 40ci, #1, #2
Ribes cereum
wax currant
3-5′SXXPink flowers, orange berries; very drought-tolerant40ci, #1
Ribes sanguineum
red-flowering currant
4-6′S, PSHXLovely red flower clusters, black berries, bright green maple-like leaves. First to bloom in spring.40ci, #1
Rosa nutkana
Nootka rose
5-7′S, PSHSolitary pink flowers, 2″ across, followed by large red-orange hips. Strongly rhizomatous, forms thickets.40ci, #1, #2
Rosa woodsii
Wood’s rose
4-6′S, PSHXPink flowers in groups of 3-5, scarlet hips. Forms thickets. Most drought-tolerant rose40ci, #1, #2
Rubus leucodermis
3-6′S, PSHPrickly shrub with long, arching stems and delicious black fruits40ci, #1
Rubus parviflorus
4-5′PSH, SHLarge, bright green, maple-like leaves, white flowers in spring, red edible berries.40ci, #1, #2
Salix amygdaloides
peach-leaf willow
16-30′SLarge, riparian willow with yellow twigs40ci, #1, #2
Salix exigua
coyote willow
8-15′S, PSHFast-growing riparian species, with narrow, silvery leaves40ci, #1, #2
Salix lasiandra
Pacific willow
12-25′S, PSHRiparian species with yellow twigs and slender green leaves. Forms a large shrub or small tree.40ci, #1, #2
Salix prolixa
Mackenzie willow
10-24′S, PSHUpland willow, found near seasonal waterways. Reddish-brown twigs.40ci, #1, #2
Salix scouleriana
Scouler’s willow
10-30′S, PSHXUpland species, most drought-tolerant willow. Rapid growth, good for naturalizing, restoration.40ci, #1, #2
Salix sitchensis
Sitka willow
8-16′S, PSHRiparian willow found from low to middle elevations in the mountains 40i, #1
Salvia dorrii
purple sage
2-3′SXXBeautiful, purple flowers, gray-green foliage in a rounded mound. Very fragrant. Very drought-tolerant.10ci, 27ci
Sambucus cerulea
blue elderberry
10-20′S, PSHXWhite, flat flower heads 5-8″ across June-Aug, blue berries Aug through fall; important for wildlife 40ci, #1, #2
Sorbus scopulina
Cascade mountain ash
6-10′S, PSHMulti-stemmed shrub with pinnate leaves, white flower clusters, orange-scarlet fruits, red fall color 40ci, #1
Spiraea douglasii
Douglas spirea, hardhack
3-5′S, PSHSmall shrub, growing naturally in clumps in moist areas. Rose-pink flower plumes in June-July.40ci, #1
Spiraea lucida
shinyleaf spirea
1-2′S, PSHXLow, spreading shrub. White flat top flower clusters, shiny birch-like leaves. 40ci, #1
Spiraea splendens
rosy spirea
1-2′S, PSHSmall shrub with dense, pink-rose flower clusters from high in mountains, summer bloomer 40ci, #1
Symphoricarpus albus
common snowberry
3-4′S, PSHXFast-growing shrub. Small pink/white flowers, large white berries persist into winter. Rhizomatous.40ci, #1, #2
Viburnum edule
highbush cranberry
3-8′S, PSHShrub from moist sites with bright red, tart berries and crimson fall color40ci, #1

 S=Sun, PSH=Partial Shade, SH=Shade

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