Seedlings are everywhere – must be spring!

We sow the seeds for the native plants we grow in the fall and winter of each year; it is with much joy (and relief!) that I greet the new plants arising from them each spring.  I want you to share in this joy, so see how many of the seedlings pictured below you can identify to genus.  Answers follow at the bottom of the page.

QUGA crop

No. 1 – note the seed

LUPO crop

No. 2 – a nitrogen fixer

ERNI crop

No. 3 – a late-blooming desert ___________

PRVI crop

No. 4 – a heavy fruit producer

BASA sdlg crop

No. 5 – masses of yellow spring  flowers

ACGL crop

No. 6 – becomes a small tree with lovely fall color


Answers below…









1.  Quercus garryana – Garry oak

2. Lupinus polyphyllus – Bigleaf lupine

3. Eriogonum niveum – Snow buckwheat

4. Prunus virginiana –  Chokecherry

5. Balsamorhiza sagittata –  Arrowleaf balsamroot

6. Acer glabrum – Douglas, or Rocky Mountain, maple

DCN crew transplant ACGL

Lisa, Keri and Rosa transplanting Douglas maple seedlings from flats to tubes




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