Getting busy!

Jeff, Erin and Lulu preparing the wildflowers for sale

The spring may have been slow to appear but it is here at last and, by the efforts of many, Derby Canyon Natives has opened for business for 2019.  Come on by!  Retail sales Fridays 9-5 and Saturdays 8-12 noon.

Vine maple (Acer circinatum) seedlings emerging from a flat sown last September

This particular time of late March through mid April is when most of the seedlings emerge from the seeds that were sown last fall and winter.  Some species are sown directly into the containers in which they will grow while others, like the vine maple shown above, are sown into flats from which the seedlings are removed for transplanting.

Vine maple seedlings; note the old seed coats and seed wings and the growing mix clinging to the new roots

There is a limited window of time during which these little plants can be successfully transplanted.  We will need over 6000 new plants of this species this year for several projects so the past few days have been Maple City.

Transplanting the vine maple seedlings into 10 cu. in. tubes          (Renee, hand model)

Every day brings new species to the fore.  Thin those sagebrush and thimbleberries!  Transplant the mountain ash and water birch seedlings!  Pot up the Douglas fir!  It’s a busy time and I love it, and some employees can even manage a smile (see below).

Zeke, Barb and Ariel learn that it’s “Muffin Monday”

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